Moment Landslide Sweeps Eight Buildings Into The Sea In Norway As Chunk Of Land Disappears Underwater

Incredible footage shows the moment eight houses were pulled into the sea after a giant landslide hit the north of Norway. 

The houses, along with a caravan and a dog, were pulled into the sea when a chunk of land over 500 meters in width and 160 meters deep was cut off in the area of Alta, Krakneset.

Response teams arrived at the scene with a rescue operation soon after.

No people were harmed in the catastrophe, even though one person was saved with a helicopter and the dog swam to the shore.

But local police officer, Torfinn Halvari, NTB rescue crews were trying to assess the damages and could not  ‘say with any certainty that no one has been taken by it’.

Locals opened up about their shock and awe as the disaster befell them, with one saying he and his wife watched on as the cabin they lived in for almost 20 years was crushed by the sea.

“I had just made two slices of toast when I heard a bang in the cabin.

At first I thought there was someone in the loft, but then I saw out of the window that the power cord was smoking and then I saw that it was raining.

‘ stormed out and fled up the mountainside where I saw it all from a distance. You could say I ran for my life,” Jan Egil Bakkeby told news media Altaposten.

Jan said that he had started feeling ‘skeptical’ when he saw cracks appear a day before, but he had never imagined his cabin would be totally crushed and gone.

A number of other buildings were also taken by the angry sea, some of which were holiday houses and were likely used only on weekends, according to reports.

The last event of this nature occurred around one year ago, as per NRK.

You can see the full video of the landslide in the link below. Thankfully, the dog was rescued by helicopter.

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