Mom shares the real struggle of taking your kids to the playground in a viral video

In a viral video, a mom shows the hilarious reality of taking your kids to the playground. 

It is no secret that taking your children to the playground can be quite challenging. Sometimes, it gets so nerve-wracking, that you have no idea how to react, even though you are the adult in the situation.

As Upworthy notes, this mom is definitely nailing what it is really like to take your kids to the park to play. In a pretty candid video, Tiffany Jenkins reveals the raw truth about being a parent in the middle of the playground.

Credits: Tiffany Jenkins

Sure, children can be so adorable, innocent, and charming. But the second some of them step on their territory, they are capable of turning into little monsters.

Although you may think you will have some time for yourself while your kids are enjoying their time at the playground, it is actually the opposite. The second you look away, they sense your attention is focused somewhere else, and they make everything possible to change that.

Tiffany perfectly illustrates the “joy” of taking your kids to the park in her video. 

In the footage titled: “Taking my kids to the playground be like,” the mother can be heard saying relatable things, like: “Hey, do not push your sister,” “Hey, no kicking,” and “Where are your pants, honey?” 

Credits: Tiffany Jenkins

The video, which has been viewed millions of times, has been well-received on social media, with other parents confirming Tiffany’s remarks are absolutely on point.

One mother commented:

“This is 100% truth. Sweet baby Jesus in a manger. The endless collecting of leaves and dirt-covered weeds… I felt that.”

Another added:

“OMG I feel this in my soul 😂😂😂 My kids were begging to go to the park Wednesday, we got there and after 5 minutes they were crying that it was too windy and the geese were getting suspiciously close 😂😂 So we left 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m glad I’m not alone in the momsanity these children cause

Do you find Tiffany’s video relatable? What funny things do your kids do while at the playground? Let us know in the comment section! 

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