Mom gives birth to baby weighing 14lb 15oz – the third biggest newborn in the UK

“Oh my God, he’s chunky!” A mom has given birth to the third-biggest newborn in the UK – a baby boy weighing 14lb 15oz. 

Cherral Mitchell, 31, recently became the mother of the UK’s third-biggest newborn. She delivered her baby boy named Alpha at John Radcliffe Hospital, as per Daily Mail.

Credits: Cherral Mitchel / SWNS

Doctors at the medical center were shocked to find out Cherral’s child was born weighing 14lb 15oz. The current record holder is Guy Carr, born in 1992, weighing 15lb 8oz.

Nevertheless, Alpha’s weight was only one of all the surprises around his welcoming into this world. Mrs. Mitchell’s pregnancy was a shock in the first place, as she was taking contraceptives before conceiving.

The mom-of-four describes her youngest child as a “pumpkin baby.”

Credits: Cherral Mitchel / SWNS

Cherral, who has three other children – Rogue-Angel, 4, Lyon, 3, and Twyla, who is ten months old, commented:

“We didn’t think he was going to be that big. Everyone kept laughing when his head came out. My husband Tyson was like ‘Oh my God, he’s chunky!’ 

There were two nurses pulling – one was trying to push him down to get him out. The nurses said it had to be the biggest baby and were on their phones Googling.

He’s a bit of a pumpkin baby with it being so close to Halloween.”

Credits: Cherral Mitchel / SWNS

Alpha’s impressive weight is believed to be the result of his sweet tooth.

According to doctors, the pumpkin baby was most likely snacking on his mom’s sugary fluid while in the womb.

Mrs. Mitchel said:

“My stomach was big but not that massive so I don’t know where he was hiding. I keep saying I gave birth to a baby butter bean. My uncle Jason calls him a baby hippo.”

Credits: Cherral Mitchel / SWNS

The baby boy is currently in NICU, where neonatal nurses monitor his development.

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