Mom, 20, had no clue she was pregnant before giving birth despite having ‘NO SYMPTOMS’

A 20-year-old woman was stunned as she gave birth while having no clue she was pregnant. 

  • Jodi-Marie Ash, 20, gave birth to her daughter without knowing she was pregnant.
  • Throughout her mysterious pregnancy, Ash was on contraceptives and had no visible bump to signalize her condition. 
  • Being shocked by her pregnancy journey, the young mom takes tests every three months to ensure she wouldn’t go through the same experience.
Credits: Kennedy News and Media

One day, Jodi-Marie Ash, a 20-year-old waitress from Essex, UK, had a severe stomach ache during her eight-hour shift. That was the day her daughter Skyla Grimsey was born, without her mother knowing she was pregnant.

After developing an agonizing stomach ache, Ash was rushed to hospital. There, she was shocked to find out she was in labor, even though she was taking contraceptive pills. What’s more, she didn’t even have a baby bump, so she had absolutely no idea she was about to become a mother.

Today, as Daily Mail reports, Ash’s baby girl Skyla is almost two. In the meantime, her mom is taking pregnancy tests every three months to avoid being caught by surprise once more.

Talking about her unusual pregnancy journey, the young mother said:

“I didn’t have any symptoms – I was on my period the whole time and wasn’t sick or nauseous at all.”

The mom-of-one claims she had a negative pregnancy test 5 months before giving birth. 

For Ash, becoming a mother was not in the picture, as she had one negative test only five months before she welcomed her daughter into this world. The young waitress was providing moral support for a friend of hers who had been too scared to do a pregnancy test alone, so she joined in. Ash explained:

“I took a pregnancy test in December 2018 and it came back negative. I only did one because my friend thought she was pregnant and I said I’d do one with her to not make it as scary for her – it wasn’t because I thought I was pregnant. There was no form of a bump as such – after I ate I got more bloated than usual but there wasn’t anything to be majorly concerned about to the point where I thought I could be pregnant.”

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

On the morning of May 12, 2019, the waitress woke up and went to work, just as she had been doing every single workday.

Although she did have stomach issues, she didn’t think it was anything serious, so she didn’t seek medical assistance.

However, eight hours later, she was in agonizing pain, not being able to sit still. Once she got home, she tried to halt the pain with painkillers and a Tens machine, but nothing worked. By 11:30 p.m., her partner, Skyla’s dad, called an ambulance, and about half an hour later, Ash was in the hospital. She said:

“I thought the pain was appendicitis, stomach ache or I’d eaten something wrong – I was thinking of all these sorts of things but didn’t think for a second that I was in labour. The doctor said to me, ‘Oh, we’re going to do a pregnancy test on you’ and I was like, ‘Right ok’ and it came back positive. After he said I was pregnant I said straight away, ‘Why am I in so much pain though?’ Because being pregnant doesn’t mean you should be in that much pain.”

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

The young mom continued:

“He said that they had to send me for some more tests and I was on the wheelchair going to the delivery room not knowing I was going there and the porter told me that’s where I was going and I was about to give birth. I think I was shocked and surprised more than anything – it was all a bit surreal. The whole night was a blur and did go really quickly but at the time I just remember thinking that I just had to get the baby out.”

Ash’s daughter Skyla was born on May 13, 2019, at 1:57 a.m., weighing 6lbs 12oz(nearly 3kg). 

Luckily, the waitress’s family was there for her throughout every step of her journey. Skyla’s father’s family also supported the young parents and helped them with providing essential supplies for their newborn baby at such short notice.

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

The 20-year-old mom said:

“Everyone was really supportive so we didn’t have to run around and do much to be honest. I rang my mum and dad and just put it on Facebook for everyone else to see – I didn’t want to have to ring up everyone and be like, ‘this has happened’. My friends were just as shocked as I was – my colleagues said ‘you were pregnant? You would never have known’.”

She added:

“What they say about a mother’s instinct is true because I sort of just knew I had to do it. At the time I was like ‘wow’ as anyone would be in their right mind but after all of that died down – I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

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