The Best Smart Home Security System in 2019

Minut is the Scandinavian tech start-up hoping to transform the home security market.

CEO, Nils Mattisson, former design engineer at Apple, founded Minut in response to the traditional impractical and unaffordable home alarms.

Most of them require professional installation, large upfront & monthly costs, can’t be moved between homes, only monitor motion and can’t connect to your smartphone. In recent years big tech companies have attempted to solve these problems mostly through wi-fi connected cameras and home sensors. However these are still costly solutions with complex and professional installation required. The main problem however is that most people find in-home wi-fi cameras an intrusive and ‘creepy’ solution. Rarely a week goes by without a news story coming out about someone having their system hacked or being ‘spied’ on.

That’s where the Minut Point comes in, it’s an all-in-one smart home alarm that combines cutting-edge technology with a very stylish and subtle design all for only $149.

You can install it yourself in under a minute and it’s packed full of sensors, including motion detection to protect you from break ins and intruders just like traditional alarms. However it can also monitor temperature, noise, humidity levels and air pressure. So whether you accidentally left the oven on, have a risk of mould, or there has been a window break at your house, Point will notify you immediately so you can take the right action. Crucially, Point does all of this without the use of intrusive cameras, so your security doesn’t have to come at the cost of your privacy. You can set custom thresholds (noise/temperature/humidity) for you home, so if anything out of the ordinary happens you’ll receive an instant notification on your phone.

Point is available for $149 (£129) and they are currently running a 35% discount exclusive to Amazon for our readers with discount code: INTELL35

So head over to Minut today and enter INTELL35 at the checkout for your 35% discount. You may well thank us later!

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