Merciless criticism: why your man withdraws emotionally

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.  — Frank A. Clark

Want to see your man disappear from your life? Have you asked yourself why men withdraw?

If you constantly remind him of how many faults he has and how you want him to change, then chances are you will see his backside quicker than his front. It begins like this: He nods and politely responds to your criticism in order to make you stop talking. In time, he will tune you out altogether. He will eventually stop coming around as often because he doesn’t want to listen to your constant nagging about his shortcomings. And before you you realize it, he won’t come around at all.

Your inner self tells you that he is a fool and cannot see his own faults. Your head tells you that if he cannot accept criticism he is immature and is just not willing to become a better man. Your heart urges you to miss him. What advice should you heed? How should you move on?

Relationships need two participants and, in turn, two people to make it work. Should your relationship come to an unfortunate end, do not put all the blame on him. Take a good look in the mirror and try to see yourself for who you truly are. All those little things you said and did but thought were insignificant had a big influence on the outcome of your relationship.

Little reminders to you can sound like nagging to him. Repeated little fits of frustration from you can sound like thousands of airhorns being blasted in his ears at once.

Try to understand what makes men withdraw.

All these little things can eventually lead to emotional shutdown. And once you have lost him emotionally, it is only a matter of time before you lose him physically.

He did not withdraw to punish you or cause you pain.

He is withdrawing to avoid you and your continued merciless criticism of him and his manhood.

You will never make him a better man by constantly pointing at his imperfections. In time, you will become a pain in his backside and at some point, he will choose to remove that pain from his life. No one wants to live in constant pain. And if that pain is caused by you, he will not choose you.

To understand why men withdraw is easy. If you want to save your relationship, you must become more acceptant of who he is. And if his faults were too much to bear, you will not be heartbroken once he is gone.

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