5 Important Habits to Achieve Real Mental Toughness

I think one thing in life that is crucial to any level of success in this world is true mental toughness.

That being said, mental toughness is one of those things that is much easier defined than acquired.
It’s like someone telling you what the top of the mountain looks like without teaching you how to climb it. Granted, when it comes to something like mental toughness, there isn’t a roadmap to an endpoint you can just show up at.
Just like physical toughness, mental toughness is a process – not a destination.

1. Compliment, not Criticize

Complaining, criticizing, and whining are all ways to bring yourself down. As powerful as your words can be towards others – they have the exact same effect over you. Taking the time to recognize good work or success in others is more beneficial to your own psyche than you think it is. People always talk about that “silver lining” – find it.

2. Give Up what You Can Not Change

Worrying about things that you cannot change makes about as much sense as trying to move a literal mountain. That energy that it takes to fret over the things in life outside of our control is energy that can be used to change the things that we do have under our control. Remember, life is about energy and effort, so by focusing your energies on the things that you can change is the best way to achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

3. Let the Past Be a Lesson – Nothing More

Think of your life as a book. If you’re constantly re-reading the early chapters, you’ll never learn what happens next. Until the advent of a time machine comes along, you’ll get nothing out of worrying about the past. It is a lesson, nothing more.

4. You are in Control

Live your life like you are the director of a movie. Of course, you can’t control 100% of the world around you, but you can roll with the punches as if you were calling the shots. It is a mentality.

5. Impress One Person: You

There is only one person on this planet that you absolutely have to make happy, and that is you. Forget what other people think about your accomplishments. Give up what the trolls on social media sites think. Live your life for yourself. At then end of the day, the goal should be to reflect on yourself and your life, and truly love what you see.

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