Maskless woman COUGHS deliberately right in the face of grocery store customer

“I don’t need to wear a mask!” – A woman was recorded wearing no mask and coughing on purpose on another customer at a supermarket. 

A now-viral video shows a maskless woman deliberately coughing on other masked customers at a supermarket, claiming she has allergies and doesn’t need to wear a mask. According to the social media user, who posted the video on Twitter, the incident took place at a Super Saver in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the footage, the unnamed woman can be seen dramatically coughing and smiling while telling the other people at the store: “Excuse me! I’m coming through.” 

After being confronted about her unreasonable behavior, the woman puts her hands up and mockingly says: “You guys are so cute!” Moments later, when asked why she does not wear a mask in the middle of a pandemic, she replies:

“I don’t need to have one on, I’m not sick, and neither are you.”

The lady recording the video tells her that only because she believes she was not sick, it doesn’t give her the right to cough on strangers.

The ignorant woman then claims she has allergies while smiling, which hints she was probably lying about her condition.

She then says:

“Two years ago before anyone started talking about COVID, you were okay with that though? Going out, not knowing you were sick.”

Eventually, a store employee arrives at the scene, and the unidentified woman tries to make an excuse that she may have a medical condition that prohibits her from wearing a mask. However, this entirely opposes her claims that she was not sick.


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As Daily Mail notes, the confrontation occurs as COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are declining for the first time in over two months. However, experts warn cases could soon be on the rise, following labor day when many Americans traveled for the holiday.

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