Manipulators And Deceivers Will Never Admit When They Are Wrong

Even a if manipulator or a player apologizes to you, know that they aren’t being sincere. 

It will be a fake apology because the only time such a person will apologize is when they need something from you or when they want to fool you into thinking that they deserve to be forgiven.

Deceivers will never take ownership of their mistakes. They will never say “I am sorry” and mean it because they never admit when they’re wrong.

They will instead try to shift the blame on another person. They will try to make you believe that someone else is to blame for their mess-up, and they will act as if they’ve never made a mistake or treated another human being badly.

Such people are always ready to come up with countless excuses about how they shouldn’t be blamed because it was their parents’ or ex-partners’ fault, or even your fault.

They will do anything to appear sweet, innocent, and victim-like.

And should they say sorry for causing you pain, they will try to turn things around and say that if you just hadn’t been so irrational and needy, or if you just hadn’t gotten them out of their skin that day, they would never have hurt your feelings.

Also, if you hold them accountable for the things they do, then be prepared for an attack.

Because they will not hesitate to list all the ‘great’ things they’ve done for you and tell you how ungrateful you are. They will even start mentioning all the times you did something to hurt them, and they will make sure to let you know that you are not a saint and hence you do not have the right to judge them so harshly.

Manipulators and players will never admit to their mistakes. They will never take ownership of their actions and they’ll never come to terms with the fact that they are the ones that need to change. Because they simply aren’t mature enough.

And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to win in an argument with them. Because they will use all the dirty tricks at their disposal to twist things in such a way that they come out looking innocent. They will tell you all sorts of ugly lies to try and second-guess your own experience.

You can shout and shower them with facts, but nothing will make them budge.

Because they are immensely skilled at twisting the truth. They are experts at giving new meanings to hurtful words and making others question their own sanity.

So, the smartest option when you are dealing with such a toxic manipulator is to completely ignore them or just walk away and never look back. You will never convince them to see things your way anyhow. And you will certainly never be able to get them to take ownership of their actions.

Because nothing you say will have any meaning to a deceitful manipulator.

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