Man who raped two ex-girlfriends jailed for 12 years

A man was sentenced to 12 years behind bars for raping two of his ex-girlfriends after they refused to get back together. 

  • Prince Chunga, 27, raped two of his ex-girlfriends after they refused to take him back.
  • There were two separate assaults a year apart.
  • The attacker got 12 years in prison and a lifetime restraining order. 

Prince Chunga, 27, of Radcliffe near Bury in Greater Manchester, was jailed for 12 years for raping two of his former girlfriends. The father-of-two first attacked one of his victims after running into her during a night out. A year later, as Daily Mail reports, he sexually assaulted the other victim multiple times after luring her into his home.

Reportedly, Chunga had previously renewed his relationships with both victims with the intention to force himself on them.

When the women reported the assaults to the police, the abuser claimed that one of them lied. He said that she had made a false rape accusation against another man. However, the Minshull Street Crown Court ruled that Chunga was guilty. Judge John Edwards directly told the attacker:

“You displayed breath-taking arrogance and a sense of entitlement. These are two young women, each of whom had a relationship with you and each gave a similar account of their experiences, where you would not take no for an answer. In both cases, you showed a disregard for their wishes. Both these women were forced to indulge you and the fact you chose to go to trial has meant that both these women have had to relive their ordeals.”

Both women stated that the horror they have experienced affected every aspect of their lives. 

The first victim told the police:

“What happened that night changed my life. I could not sleep for days. It has affected every single relationship I have had ever since. I do not trust anybody. I used to be confident. But now I’m scared because of what happened to me. When I go out, there has to be two or three people with me because I fear what might happen.”

The second victim said:

“This has impacted every part of my life. I have less confidence, I do not like being at home by myself at night. When I go out, I want people to be with me.”

The first assault occurred in March 2019.

At the time, Chunga had accidentally bumped into his ex-girlfriend in a bar. According to prosecutor Daniel Calder, the man was “acting in an overtly sexual manner” while “making comments about sleeping with her.”

Mr. Calder explained:

“She told him explicitly: ‘No, you’re not gonna sleep with me’ and it was obvious she looked uncomfortable. Later at 4 am she intended to walk to the nearby taxi rank but the defendant pulled up in his car and beeped his horn and offered her a lift home.
When she got in, he asked her where she wanted to go and replied: ‘home’ which was clearly not the answer he wanted to hear. He told her they were going to a country park and although she repeated that she just wanted to go home, his mind was already made up.”

In the car, the victim repeatedly told Chunga she does not want to have sex with him, but he refused to respect her wishes. Instead, he parked at Burrs Country Park and raped her while she was begging him to stop.

The assaulter was later arrested, but he was released after telling the police that the woman had made a false complaint of rape against someone else.

The second attack happened a year later. 

Chunga sexually abused his second victim in March 2020. It was another one of his previous partners. He first contacted her and asked her to meet up. Mr. Calder described the disturbing events:

“He collected her from her father’s house and took her to his home address, But once inside he seemed in a rush to get her upstairs. He encouraged her to get into the bed, telling her to ‘get comfortable.’ She asked him: ‘Why are you being weird but he replied: ‘I’m not.’ He took off his clothes down to his boxer shorts and proceeded to repeatedly rape her, saying he loved her.”

The woman called the police immediately after Chunga left her back at her father’s home.

Credits: Manchester Evenong News

The court sentenced him to 12 years behind bars for the two rape cases. Furthermore, Chunga received a lifetime restraining order forbidding him to go near the victims.

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