Man throws out sister and fiancé from his wedding after they lock his kids inside the house


What makes a brother choose to go “no contact” with his own sister “for the time being”? 

  • A man’s sister and future brother-in-law locked his stepchildren inside a bedroom on his wedding day because they hate kids.
  • To justify their appalling actions, the groom’s parents tried to convince him it was only a misunderstanding. 
  • The groom asks whether he was wrong for kicking out both his sister and her fiancé from his wedding after what they did to the children. 

A man was expecting to have the time of his life at his wedding, together with his family and his beloved stepchildren. He was beyond happy that he will finally marry the love of his life and become the father figure her kids need and deserve. But his smile quickly disappeared when his sister and her fiancé did something unthinkable. As per the Newsner, the couple locked the youngsters inside a bedroom because the sister’s partner HATED children.

When the groom found out, he understandably flipped out and kicked out both his sister and her fiancé of his wedding. But since they are family, he was left with a dreading feeling of guilt for treating his sibling that way. So, he asks the Reddit community:

“AITA[Am I the a**hole] for kicking my future brother-in-law out of my wedding for what he did to my kids?”

The kids-hating fiancé even tried to convince the groom not to involve his children in his wedding.

In the story, the groom named his sister’s fiancé Tim. He then provides some details about this guy’s character:

“Tim doesn’t like kids he’s made it clear how much he’s uncomfortable being around them. Every time I brought my kids to my parents’ house, Tim’d start acting out. He tried to in-directly ban the kids from visiting their grandparents’ house. Dad was firm, but Tim never stopped trying to exclude my kids from family events.”

Since our groom and his now-wife wanted to have a small ceremony, they held the marry event at their house. They had invited a small circle of guests, and their children were the only ones at the wedding. But Tim’s hate for kids prevailed and turned the happy event into a nightmare.

At first, the fiancé tried to talk the couple out of having their own children at the ceremony. But when he didn’t succeed, he came up with an evil plan to get what he wanted.

“Tim looked visibly upset until he suddenly offered to take the kids to the bathroom so they wash up before eating. Minutes later, he came back. I asked where the kids were. He said he took them to their bedroom ’cause they wanted to play with their toys. I thought it was out of character for them. I wondered why they suddenly didn’t want to eat since they said they were hungry.”

When the groom’s younger sister told him his kids were actually locked up in their bedroom, a wave of panic took over him and his bride. 

The man immediately went to see if this were true and found the children’s bedroom door locked, just like his little sister told him.

“My wife and I were in shock! … Tim said he did it. Saying he was worried they’d wander around unsupervised and wanted to make sure they were safe since everyone was busy. 

I took the key and got the kids out. My daughter told me Tim said I didn’t want them to go outside and that I’d punish them if they did. They’re my kids now of course I want them to be at my wedding.”

The mother of the children was speechless, probably wondering what kind of family she just married into. Her now-husband naturally lost his composure and kicked both his sister and her fiancé out.

“I lost my s*** on Tim. I called him cruel and selfish for lying and doing this to my kids, trying to exclude them. I told him to get out. My sister defended him and was crying, calling me offensive names. I kicked her out too.”

The groom’s parents said he went too far by throwing out his sister and her partner.

According to the parents, the whole story was just a misunderstanding. Later, Tim sent an e-mail to the man’s wife apologizing for what he did. However, the groom decided to go “no contact” with him and his sister, still bitter for the appalling thing they did to his stepchildren.

“I’m deciding to go no contact for the time being because of this and also, more importantly, to focus on my wife and kids.”

So, was the man wrong for tossing out his sister and her partner from his wedding?

According to most of the Reddit commenters, the groom was definitely NOT the a**hole in the situation. One wrote:

“Hold on, this guy came to YOUR house, got YOUR kids, and locked them in their room? Do we even need to say it op? NTA. Ban this man from your house, ban your sister if necessary, and to whoever tells you you are overreacting tell them that you are being calm enough.”

Another added:

“NTA[Not the a**hole] all the way. What really bothers me is how OP’s family is justifying this by saying Tim was trying to help. In what effing way was locking two kids up in their bedroom helpful. No o e asked him to, it was done purely out of his own malicious prejudice. OP[original poster], I would seriously cut contact with your family who voice any support for what he did. In your sister’s case, just go no contact.”

What do you think of the groom’s story? What would you do if you were in his place? Leave a comment to let us know!

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