Man Terrified When A PYTHON Pops Out Of His Toilet While He’s Sitting On It

A Thai man was frightened out of his mind after a massive python came out of his toiler while he was sitting on it. 

45-year-old Somchai from Samut Prakan, Thailand, was using the toilet when he felt something touch his behind.

When he rose to check what it was, he saw the head of a giant snake looking back at him from the toilet.

Somchai went on to pour detergent on the 8-foot snake to chase it away, but eventually decided to get out and called emergency services when it refused to move

The terrified man said he had already spotted the python lurking outside his house earlier in the day but it went away when he tried to catch it.

He said:

“I saw a python this morning as well. I am sure it was the same snake as I scared it away. This time when I entered the toilet it was not afraid of me.

I sat down then felt something push against my bottom. That’s when I looked down and saw the snake.”

A clip shows a rescue serviceman named Kaitisak Meesaeng lying on the bathroom floor slowly approaching the python, which had its head sticking out from the toilet. 

He then cautiously proceeds to grab the snake by its head before using his other hand to prevent it from sliding back down in the depths of the canal.

With the python in their grip, the emergency team carry the creature out of the house.

It is in front of the property when the full size of the python can truly be marveled at.

The snake was then cautiously put inside a bag before the men drove off to release it back into the wild. 

Kaitisak said:

“This could have been much worse as pythons are aggressive and will bite people. It has happened before.

‘We also had to be careful not to lose the snake as the resident did not want it living in his pipe work.”

See how emergency services removed the snake by clicking below.

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