Man stole ambulance because it was taking too long to receive treatment

A man has been arrested after stealing an ambulance because he had waited too long for treatment. 

On Wednesday, September 8, Kerry Cormier, 36, suffered a car accident in Lafayette, Los Angeles. He was rushed to the Lafayette General Hospital by Acadian Ambulance Service and left in a lobby to await treatment. With an injury that caused unbearable pain in his back and side, he had allegedly waited for far too long, as per Unilad.

Credits: Duson Police Dept.

Apparently, Cormier had no patience left and stormed off the emergency room before stealing an ambulance parked outside. However, he failed to acknowledge there was a GPS tracking device in the vehicle.

The ambulance traveled all the way into the City of Crowley and pulled into the parking lot of a Family Physicians Clinic, KATC News reports. As for its new driver, he somehow managed to hit another car before running into the clinic hoping to receive treatment there.

Meanwhile, local officers easily tracked down the vehicle and arrived at the clinic to arrest the thief.

Cormier explained he went to a different hospital in a bid to receive quicker service. 

Moreover, after fleeing with the ambulance from the Lafayette General Hospital, he first drove to UHC, where he was again left to await treatment.

Credits: Lafayette General Medical Center

According to Duson Police, who confirmed the 36-year-old had been involved in a car crash earlier that day, the medical workers who transported him to the emergency room realized upon exiting that their ambulance was missing.

After being arrested, Cormier was finally given treatment at Acadia General Hospital in Crowley. The doctor there confirmed he had a rib fracture caused by the accident he had suffered.

Duson Police later booked the man into the Acadia Parish Jail on the felony charge of possession of stolen property. Cormier may receive further charges as Lafayette Police are currently investigating the theft.

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