Man Reveals He Swapped His Wife’s Cat 6 Years Ago And She Never Found Out

A man on Reddit has revealed one of his darkest secrets: the time he swapped his wife’s cat for another cat about six years ago, without ever telling her. 

The man, nicknamed TrueOffMyChest, explained that he didn’t like his then-girlfriend’s “extremely aggressive” black cat at all, accusing it of scratching, hissing, and pooping all over the place.

But one day, when his ex was out of town, he said:

“It scratched the sh*t out of my arm. I joked to the cat that it’s not special and I’ll replace it if it scratches again. The joke stuck with me until I had thought about it enough that it wasn’t a joke.”

In a moment of deep anger, he drove the cat to a nearby shelter and found another cat that looked almost the same but was quite friendly, for a change. 

“So I adopted it, took it to my wife’s apartment, settled it in, then drove her original cat to an animal shelter a town over,” he said.

“It’s been 6 years since then. We got married 4 years ago. We still have the swapped cat. It answers to the original cat’s name. My wife knows nothing. She loves this cat and brags about how much better behaved it is. Everytime I see it, I feel like a total piece of sh*t.”

Needless to say, people online were stunned by his revelation, with one person commenting:

“I would absolutely be considering divorce if I ever found this out.”

Another said:

“You don’t get to give away someone’s pet to a shelter, without informing them.” 

Some Reddit users, however, found the whole story pretty funny, with one person commenting:

“This is some Seinfeld tier shenanigans right here.”

For obvious reasons, the man didn’t identify himself, so maybe his ex will never find out what he did.

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