Man Marries His Rice Cooker, Divorces It 4 Days Later

An Indonesian man married his rice cooker and divorced it shortly after…

Yes, this is sadly a true story and it has caused quite a commotion on social media after the man in question shared a number of images of him marrying the kitchen device. In the photos shared, he can be seen dressed in his traditional wedding clothes with a rice cooker which he also dressed up accordingly.

He accompanied the images with some text saying that he chose to marry his rice cooker as it is “Fair, obedient, loving and good at cooking.” He has so far amassed more than 8000 likes on his photos and naturally many of the commenters were making fun of the whole situation.

All good things come to an end…

Sadly, however, the unusual marriage lasted only four days. In another update, Khoirul Anam said this time he was announcing his ‘divorce.’

In the post he wrote:

“My decision is round.. heavy indeed.. but this is the way I take.. no perfect partner.”

Just a big stunt for clicks?

Reports by local Indonesian media say that Khoirul is a famous celebrity in the country who performs unorthodox stunts for the amusement of his followers. His marriage to the rice cooker caused quite a sensation and it can also be said that he did it all for social media fame…

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