Man Leaves 12-Year-Old Child Unconscious on Street After Vicious Sucker Punch

A 12-year-old boy who was just sitting on a curb in Brooklyn as he waited for his buddy was punched unconscious in a shocking random attack that was captured on CCTV.

The brutal incident took place in Coney Island on October 14 at approximately 3 pm.

The child was waiting for his friend when suddenly a man walked up to him and sucker-punched him.

The attacker walked up to the boy in a calm manner, tapped him on the shoulder, and hit him straight in the face, causing the boy to immediately fall unconscious.

As a result, the child suffered fractures to bones in his face as well as significant bleeding and bruising. 

Medics took the boy to Coney Island hospital for treatment.

After the attack, the man calmly crossed the road at the corner of East 13th Street and Avenue T.

Police are hoping that the video will lead to the arrest of the individual. 

When the attack happened in the afternoon there were a few cars passing by in close proximity to where the incident occurred so authorities are hoping that someone might have seen something.

You can see the video by clicking below.

The assailant is described as a male, 20-30 years of age.

Police say the boy is on the way to recovery.

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