Man Gets 7-Inch-Long Fish Stuck in His Throat in Strange Fishing Accident

A young Colombian man nearly choked to death after a fish got stuck in his throat as a result of a strange fishing accident. 

Local media reported of a 24-year-old man from the Pivijay area, who almost died in a bizarre fishing accident. The fisherman, whose identity has not been revealed to the public, apparently went fishing for his family on January 23 and was eventually able to catch a fish. While he was in the process of removing the hook he saw another fish pulling on the other rod. The man quickly placed the caught fish in his mouth and went to grab the other fish rod so the new fish would not be able to escape. But the fish in his mouth decided to do its own thing…

According to the media, the fisherman did not bite on the fish hard enough, so it slipped away and was able to slide down his throat where it got stuck.

Thankfully, the fish was of the mojarra species, which are known for their tiny bodies, so it did not block the airflow to his lungs entirely.

The man was said to have walked to the hospital by himself, but he was not able to tell doctors what had happened to him, as he was hardly breathing, apart from pointing at his throat. Eventually, an X-ray showed that he had a fish lodged in his throat.

The fish was taken out through a special procedure which was recorded on video by employees of the Santander Herrera Hospital.

The man was released after two days.

“Ladies and gentlemen, something extraordinary,” a member of the medical staff can be heard saying in the now viral video. “A young man in Pivijay swallowed a fish. We removed the foreign object from his oesophagus.”

WARNING!!!! Yucky content below!!!…

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