Man Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating On Him Through Netflix

A man on Reddit called his wife ‘trashy’ after finding out, thanks to Netflix, that she was cheating on him.

It turns out that except for being a good TV show binge-watching app, Netflix can also cause great drama if you choose to give your password to others or doing what the people in this story opted for…

And things got really heated for one customer, who calls himself ‘jakiwi3’ on Reddit.

It turns his spouse and the man she was cheating with used his Netflix account to highlight their relationship.

The man posted a photo of his account on Reddit, implying that the cheater couple had changed the email address so he wouldn’t be able to use it. To make things worse, the man his wife was cheating with had changed the account name to ‘Guy f*cking your ex wife’.

Image: Reddit

Later on, the poor man indicated that he and his wife are splitting up, but he noted that they weren’t divorced when she started seeing the other man. 

Captioning the photo with the title ‘r/trashy’, he wrote:

“Not sure who is trashier? My ex wife or this douche. Not even divorced.”

People on the web were quick to support the man, and many advised him to call Netflix and tell them he did not request for the email address to be changed – a move that would probably cut off his cheater wife out of using it.

But it appears the Redditor and his ex-wife had equal rights over the account, as he responded by saying it was ‘easier said than done while separating marital wise’.

He went on to say that he felt what his wife did was ‘kind of a slap in the face’, even though he showed his appreciation for all the support and encouraging words from people online.

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