Man dressed as T-Rex runs down a street in Spain during lockdown

People are getting really creative these days.

A Tyrannosaurus rex was spotted running down a street while Spain has been put under lockdown due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Obviously, it was a man dressed up in a T-rex costume, but the scene was definitely something new to the local Spanish residents. Undeniably, a T-rex running down a street is quite an unusual view nowadays.

The footage of the running dinosaur-man was captured by a local citizen and later released by the Murcia police department. A man in an orange and red T-rex suit can be seen being followed by police. And that’s not the funniest part. The video was edited with the Jurassic Park theme song!

On the footage, officers can be seen pulling over and approaching the T-rex dressed man. The scene happened in the neighborhood of Vistalegre. The officers reportedly ordered the man to return home, due to the two-week-long national lockdown in Spain.

They explain that taking your pets for a short walk is still allowed, but Tyrannosaurs do not fit in the pet classification. They also kindly ask the people to stay home, and joke about the T-rex case: “Having a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not covered.”

The T-rex suited man was not fined by the police, but he was immediately ordered to return to his home.

Later, another Tyrannosaurus was spotted running down a street in Spain. This time it was a man going down to throw his garbage, dressed in a dinosaur costume.

The images of a person who goes down to throw the garbage dressed in a dinosaur costume during the Corona Virus (COVID19) quarantine in Spain have gone viral on the internet.

Posted by The Gurkhas on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Currently, people in Spain are put under nation-wide isolation. They are prohibited from leaving their homes unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as buying food or medicine.

A spokesperson for the Murcia police department told HuffPost:

“We want to emphasise that we are on alert and that it is not a joke.”

Some people choose to look at the current unfavorable situation on the bright side. However, officers warn that if people do not take the lockdown seriously, they may put their lives and the lives of others in great danger.

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