Man Claims We’ve All Been Cleaning Our Teeth ‘Wrong,’ Dentists Agree

Could we have cleaned our teeth the wrong way all this time?

One person has claimed he never uses mouthwash after brushing.

A surprised woman has shared that her husband flosses and uses mouthwash before – instead of after – brushing his teeth in a video that is now viral on Tik Tok.

In the video, which has amassed nearly 4 million views, user @KassySlays90, talks about her surprise regarding her husband’s teeth-cleaning routine, saying:

 “He says that the right way to brush your teeth is to first rinse with an alcohol mouthwash, then to floss, then to brush your teeth, then to use a fluoride rinse.”

The logic behind this is that mouthwash will remove the fluoride from your mouth after you brush, and fluoride is good for enamel. 

She continued:

“Apparently the last time he went to the hygienist she told him that he didn’t even really need a cleaning.”

A spokesperson for the British Dental Association also advised that it is better to use mouthwash before brushing your teeth.

However, they say finishing up with a fluoride rinse is not the right way to go.

They said:

“It’s essential to brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes – last thing at night and at one other time.

It’s important to clean all surfaces of the teeth and gently along the gum line. Interdental brushes are better for cleaning the spaces between teeth than floss, except where the space is too tight to insert a brush.

Don’t rinse your mouth out after brushing, as it will wash away the fluoride which makes teeth more resistant to tooth decay -‘spit don’t rinse’.

If you use mouthwash, use it at a different time to brushing, otherwise you’ll rinse away the protective effect of fluoride.”

See Kassy’s TikTok clip by clicking HERE.

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Source: Mirror

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