Man Air-Lifted To Hospital After Jumping 200ft From Durdle Door In Terrifying Video

Dorset, United Kingdom: Stunning footage shows the moment a man jumps off a 200ft cliff before splashing into the sea.

While some people were cheering in support of the brave man, others looked on in shock and screamed as he hit the water at Dorset’s beauty spot known as the Durdle Door.

The man was then air-lifted by helicopter and brought to Dorset County Hospital.

The Sun reported, that the person who performed the action known as ‘tombstoning’, was 38 years of age and had come all the way down from Grimsby for this. Reportedly the UK has seen 20 deaths caused by such jumps in the last 16 years.

Image: Graham Hunt

Reiss Simons, who recorded the action, made a social media post in which he said that the man had broken his arm in the process and was arrested for forcing a beach closure. It has since been revealed that he sustained a dislocated shoulder, however.

“This mad c**t jumped off the durdle door and broke his arm 😂 legend. Got arrested after he shut down the whole beach,” Reiss wrote in his post.

Another witness named Khawar Khawaja thought he was trying to commit suicide.

Khawar said:

“When we got there he was already at the top of the cliff, my wife thought that he was trying to commit suicide. Lots of people were watching him climb the cliff, and the emergency services had already been called because of how high it is.

It was really scary to watch, we didn’t know if he was going to come back up at all or how badly he had injured himself.”

“When the air ambulance arrived they managed to locate him. He had a bandage on his shoulder and was taken to the hospital. It’s scary to think that people just jump off of something that high and don’t think that they might hurt themselves.”

Image: Khawar Khawaja

In a statement by Kimmeridge Coastguard, a spokesman had the following to say:

“After another busy day on bank holiday Monday in which the team were tasked to numerous incidents at Durdle Door involving ankle injuries, and a person with a diabetes episode – we were again requested to assist our colleagues at Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team.”

With regards to the man who jumped off the cliff, they said:

“A person had sustained a dislocated shoulder and we were requested to secure a safe cordon for heli-med air ambulance after to land and take off on a very crowded beach.”

Image: Khawar Khawaja

It is yet to become clear whether the man will face charges for his stunt.

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