Man, 20, insists girlfriend, 19, to wear her prosthetic to a family party so she doesn’t “scare the kids”

An insensitive man demanded his girlfriend to wear her prosthetic leg to a family gathering because she “might scare the kids.”

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a man, 20, asks social media users whether he was an a**hole for demanding his girlfriend, 19, to wear her prosthetic to a family party. As per Newsner, the boyfriend disclosed that he and his beloved had been in an accident that resulted in her losing her leg. He even claims this “caused massive issues” in their relationship.

After losing one of her legs, the girl began using a prosthetic, so she could lead a normal life, just like any other 19-year-old. According to the Reddit post, she “usually wears it for long durations as she does night shifts until the early hours of the morning and then has [university classes] all day.” 

Even though her boyfriend knew how tiring wearing the prosthetic for so many hours is for her, he didn’t take it into consideration when they had to attend a family celebration. The occasion was his brother’s engagement. He explained:

“She was going to be meeting my aunts and uncles who do have small children. She asked me after she finished work if she could not wear the leg as it was a little [sore]. 

I was honest and asked her to wear it because it might scare the kids and turn off my family.”

After working an eight-hour shift, the girlfriend asked her boyfriend if she could go to the engagement party without her prosthetic, but he demanded she must wear it. 

The girl then suggested she could wear pants to cover the missing leg, but her boyfriend was firm she cannot go without her prosthetic. Apparently, he was more concerned about what would others say than about his loved one’s condition. The inconsiderate man wrote:

“I knew my family would be asking her all night about it—which would be taking away from my brother’s night. We argued back and forth and she ended up just wearing the leg after I convinced her it’ll only be for a short period and she can just sit down.”

Throughout the night, the girl refused to talk to her boyfriend, as she was deeply offended by his demands. She even went home early, instead of staying over as she was supposed to. But instead of understanding his mistake, the 20-year-old found her attitude surprising.

After the party, when he went to her to find out why she was giving him the cold shoulder, she explained that “she was very upset and in pain” but he “didn’t care.” 

He went on explaining:

“I told her that it was my brother’s night and I didn’t mean to come off as being mean just looking out for her and any judgment. I don’t think it was a massive request to have asked her as she only had to wear it for a couple of hours.”

Reading his disturbing story, many Reddit users commented that he was behaving like an a**hole for neglecting his girlfriend’s needs.

One of them questioned:

“You prefer her to be in pain that your family feel uncomfortable? What kind of self entitled person are you? Do you have any consideration for her at all? She shouldn’t even need to ask you. I hope she moves on to someone who truly accepts how she is.”

Another wrote:

“You have no idea what she’s going through. Poor girl lost her leg, works night shift and is going to school during the day?! I can’t imagine handling that as a teenager. You downplayed her pain and comfort for your and your family’s own comfort. Perhaps you should have told your family in advance they are not to mention or discuss her disability. I wish I could give her a big hug.”

A third added:

“What an awful lesson to teach the kids, too. It’s basically saying that people who are different should endure physical pain and discomfort so that nobody else has to acknowledge that limb differences are a thing. That’s so backwards and messed up.”

What are your thoughts on this story? Can you suggest another way the man could have had handled the situation without hurting his girlfriend’s feelings? Let us know in the comment section!

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