How To Increase Your Male Sexual Energy The Zen Way (And Please Your Partner!)

How To Increase Your Male Sexual Energy The Zen Way (And Please Your Partner!)

In todays day and age where most of us live in the fast lane, it’s difficult not to be caught up in a habit of over indulgence. Be it with money, food, drink, drugs, sex or experiences. Our relationships are more dramatic and intense and the race for sexual gratification and lots of it can become a habit.
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This is all well and good but for men, but overindulging in sexual gratification can leave them weak, listless and uninterested. There is however another way of having a deep and satisfying sexual experience without being left to feel drained and wiped out, and instead feeling clear headed, strong and masterful.

Taoists and Zen Masters have known for millennia how men can increase their own sexual energy for higher energy levels, better performance, more decisiveness and more masculinity. It’s using a technique called the The Microcosmic Orbit and basically not ejaculating.

A male friend of mine has been practising this for the last few months and he tells me that his performance in the bedroom, interest in his (now rather lucky) female partner, concentration, mood and feeling of overall general well being has improved dramatically.
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After most men ejaculate they don’t particularly feel like conquering the world, but it doesn’t always have to be that way after sex.

Taoists believe that recklessly squandering the male ejaculate through masturbation or unbridled amounts of sex can be harmful in the long term. Their belief is that the sperm containing male ejaculate takes an incredible amount of energy for the body to produce – that it is the life-force of the man and should not be squandered lightly.

There is a Zen saying; “it takes ten pieces of bread to make one drop of blood, and it takes ten drops of blood to make one drop of semen.”

Because of this Zen Masters take special efforts to conserve their semen. The well-known Zen Master Mantak Chia even went as far as to ejaculate only once for the conception of his child. Wow!

Scientific studies have also confirmed the presence of cerebrospinal fluid in semen, but it’s obvious even to a lay person that millions of exact-DNA-life-producing sperms must take considerable effort, energy and resources to produce and if that resource is continually expended the body is going to be continually using precious energy to replace it.

This is another reason why watching porn can be so damaging for some men. The endless stimulation allows men to masturbate far beyond any amount they would naturally.
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The Zen Masters practice what’s called the ‘microcosmic orbit’ essentially takes the sexual energy that ‘stagnates in the genitals’ and uses breathing to push that energy around the body. This way, the energy isn’t depleted and lost forever via ejaculation, but rather absorbed back throughout the body.

Try it for a month, whether it be through masturbation or straight forward sex. Don’t ejaculate at the end, (if with a partner you could even learn how to make her ejaculate instead.) Finish the session without ejaculating (and with a much more satisfied partner) and then do ten minutes of the microcosmic orbit and see if you feel you are ready to conquer the world.

Just to help you understand the practise a little more we have added a video demonstration by Zen Master Mantak Chia to assist you.

Try it for yourself and share your experiences with us below.

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