It’s Not Easy Loving A Woman Who’s Been To Hell And Back, But When You Do Something Beautiful Happens

These women are fierce and at the same time, as soft as velvet. At times she will scare the life out of you, but at her best, she will breathe life into the parts of your soul you thought were dead. 

One can say that she’s been to hell and back, hence the scars on her heart – for when she loves, she loves with every fibre of her being. She is no stranger to heartbreak and loss, it’s because of this that at times it seems impossible to break down the concrete wall she has built in order to protect herself.

However, if you are lucky enough, she will open the door and allow you to come in. Women who have been to hell and back are the ones who have the softest hearts and hardest exteriors. You need to be prepared to face the storms that dwell deep within her, only then will you see the beauty her sunrise holds.

Loving such a women will be a challenge, she is the most beautiful contradiction, she is wild, yet calm, gentle yet fierce. 

She is unpredictable, and in her greatest times of need she will push you away because she is used to dealing with her emotions alone. It’s in these times that you need to stay and show her what it is like to be loved by another in her darkest times.

There will be times when you will have had enough of her distant and sometimes emotionless ways but trust me, if you can prove to her day by day that you are a forever kind of lover then she will allow you to experience her love in all its glory.

You see, women who have been to hell and back are the women who have experienced loss and disappointment more times than the hand can has fingers to count.

They are the ones who were bullied for being too much and scrutinized for not being enough. It’s these experiences that have lead her to love the way she does. It might not be what you’re used too, but as the saying goes, ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’

Once you start to understand the reasons her threads are weaved the way they are, you will begin to see how intricately beautiful she is, flaws and all.

Loving a woman who has been to hell and back will not be easy, and trust me, she will not make it easy for you either.

She will test you and if you are worthy she will return the love, and when she does, you will be left in a pool of ecstasy.  

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