Long-distance couple plan a surprise trip to see one another AT THE SAME TIME

Long-distance lovebirds surprise each other with a secret visit on the very same day. 

Love knows no distance, but in this case, it plays a trick on a long-distance couple. Apparently, Cupid has been playing around when Salma and Finlay decided to pay a surprise visit to each other on the same day.


One fateful day, Salma, who lived in Paris, France, decided to take a flight to Edinburgh, Scotland, to visit her boyfriend, Finlay. That day was quite special because Finlay himself decided to go to Paris and surprise his girlfriend, as per Distractify. It all sounds incredibly romantic. If only they didn’t do it at the same time.

Salma recently shared their baffling story on Twitter. The romantic gesture that turned into a massive mishap happened in 2017 when we were still allowed to travel around the world.

Great minds think alike!

In January 2017, both lovebirds booked flights to their loved one’s respective countries. Salma hopped on a plane to Edinburgh, while Finlay took off to Paris. The nearly 680mi(1094km) distance didn’t scare the sweethearts to express their love in one of the most romantic ways possible. Unfortunately, when they knocked on each other’s doors, no one was there to answer.


Salma and Finlay couldn’t believe they have made the exact same thing for each other on the same day. What’s more, they later found out they were at the Edinburgh airport at the same time, heading in the opposite ways.

As soon as Salma found out her boyfriend is in Paris looking for her, she texted him to come back home. Finlay was beyond stunned when he realized they both had made the same romantic mistake.

Many Twitter users were baffled by the sweetheart’s story. Some said it was “just beyond words” and worthy of being turned into a romantic comedy movie. Others compared it to popular shows where two characters in love go overseas to surprise each other simultaneously.

Moral of the story: Be careful when you decide to pay a surprise visit to your long-distance partner. They might be planning just the same romantic gesture at the same time. It turns out this doesn’t happen solely in movies.

What do you think of Salma and Finlay’s endearing love story? Do you have a similar romantic mishap you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section!

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