14 Ways to Get Back to Living The Life that you Truly Love

14 Ways to Get Back to Living a Life that you Truly Love
It happens to us all: Our lives slip into what can seem like a perpetual state of auto-pilot. Where there was once joy, and laughter, and energy there is now just work, and bills, and responsibilities. The sensation can almost be like falling out of love with a partner. When things get rough in a relationship, we forget what made us love them in the first place. I think it is totally feasible that we can fall out of love with our lives. So, just like in a rough relationship, you have to take a step back and remind yourself of what is great about your life and get back to living a life that you love. I have always said, “take from life what you want, because it will certainly take from you what it wants.”
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Here are 14 things that you can do every day to squeeze the mundane nature out of your life, and get back to living a life that you truly love.

1. Travel

Not every trip has to be a grand expedition of sorts. Simple weekend road trips can be more fulfilling than taking a cruise ship to some exotic port of call with all of the other tourists. I can guarantee you, that no matter how boring your town is, there is something interesting within a couple of hours. The sheer adventurous nature of throwing some clothes in a backpack and heading out on the road without a destination in mind is great medicine for a life that seems to be stuck in a rut.

2. Be Grateful

Being appreciative for what you have seems like such a simple concept on the surface. Why is it then that one of the biggest reasons we lose interest in our own lives is because we don’t have the stuff that we want? Anytime I hear someone complaining about what I consider to be “first world problems”, I say something like “right now in the Amazon there is a guy who just wants to walk home without being eaten by a large jungle cat.” Loving your life is about perspective. So, you want a bigger apartment? Be glad you have a home. So, you want a newer car? Walk to work for a day like millions of other people do. Before you look down on the things you have, appreciate what you have.

3. Meet New People Every Day

New people are the spices that make life interesting. Everyone has their own story and their own unique approach to navigating life. I’m not saying you have to go out and make a new BFF every time you leave the house, but there are little ways that you can interact with new people every day.
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4. Forgive

Harboring anger and resentment is like walking around with a hand grenade that you pulled the pin on. It’s only you that gets hurt in the end, so why not take a lesson from Elsa in Frozen, and just “let it go”. Again, this is a concept that on the surface seems so easy, yet the actual practice of forgiving someone can seem impossible. But, the more of those hand grenades you get rid of, the better your life will be.

5. Forget

Forgiving and forgetting are two different things. There are some things that can be forgiven that should never be forgotten. Then again, there are things in our lives that we harbor in our memories that are better of left in the past where they belong. Just because you were burnt once in the past doesn’t mean that there is fire every time you see smoke. Remain objective, adventurous, and above all else – open-minded.
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6. Seek

Life is all about pursuit. For instance: if you like music, make it your quest to find new, original, live music wherever you can. Find the best burger your town has to offer. Make like like a series of miniature treasure hunts, instead of the daily grind to maintain the status quo. Every discovery becomes a victory, and who doesn’t like winning?

7. Look for the Silver Lining

Everything in life has a silver lining of some sort. Finding it is a matter of attitude. Great triumph can come from some of our most epic failures, you just have to see the failures as a lesson – not a setback.
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8. Plan

One reason we so often get stuck in life is because we quit setting goals for ourselves. If you don’t have a destination in mind, life becomes a zombie-esque stumbling track meet to nowhere. It can be little things or big things, either way it just important to keep setting achievable goals.

9. Be Open to Changes

One major symptom of a life that’s become stagnant, is the development of a comfort zone that is as impenetrable as a government fallout shelter. Sure, it’s okay to have somewhat of a comfort zone in life, but it should be a sanctuary – not a prison. Just like meeting new people, changes in life are what makes it interesting and fun. Being open and willing to accept those changes only keeps your life refreshed.

10. Laugh

I don’t care if it is watching cat videos on YouTube for 15 minutes a day, we all need a reason to smile and laugh. Especially when things are tough. Laughter doesn’t become less important when things get serious, it becomes critical to maintain.
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11. Be Active

It’s hard to love your life if you spend it on a couch in front of a TV. I get it, binge-watching a show on Netflix has its moments, but that should be an exception – not the rule when it comes to living a life you love. There is a whole great big world out there full of interesting things and people – check it out.

12. Learn

Learning is another aspect of life that we, for some unknown reason, just quit doing at some point. Is it possible to know too much, or to be too smart? There are countless resources out there for people to learn new skills, new trades, and new things that you are interested in. There’s no excuse not to work out the most important muscle in your body – your brain.

13. Get Creative

Nothing is quite as fulfilling as creating something. Art, writing, music, sculpture, woodwork, and whatever else your brain can imagine – you can create. Taking raw materials and turning them into something tangible is a great way to give yourself a real sense of accomplishment.
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14. Share

Finally, and not at all least importantly, share yourself with other people. Share your time and your knowledge. Share your experiences and share your unique perspectives. We are all part of the human collective, so why not help each other move forward through this crazy journey of life? Everyone needs a road trip buddy, or a city navigator to find the best sushi. Sharing isn’t about what is in your wallet, it is about what is in your heart and in your mind.

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