15 Ways You Might Be Limiting Yourself

15 Ways You Might Be Limiting Yourself

Life is inherently unfair, and we all have diverse and monumental struggles to overcome. Why, though, do some never make it past their obstacles while others seem to use them as stepping stones? The answer may be in the ways that some people unintentionally limit themselves. The obstacles you face are only as large as you make them. Will your struggles make success more difficult? Without a doubt – but they seldom make it impossible for you to achieve something amazing.
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Here are fifteen ways that you might be accidentally limiting yourself:

-You allow someone else to determine your priorities.

-You’re not sure where to start, so you never do. Any step in the right direction – taking a class, buying a ring, or writing a resume – is a good one. If you don’t know which direction to go, your first step should be inward to find out.

-You focus time and energy on hiding your weaknesses rather than improving upon them.

-You don’t fully capitalize on your strengths.

-You decide you are too far behind to succeed. Everyone has a starting point, and Plato once said “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” You may not be where you want to be, but you’ll never get there if you stand still.
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-You underestimate your ability to master a new skill.

-You allow others to determine your worth.

-You let other people determine your talents, and abandon pursuits you are passionate about because others don’t encourage them.

-You think it is too late for you to succeed – it is never too late to follow a dream.

-You don’t take the time to determine what you really want out of life. A solid vision for your life will give you inspiration and direction.

-You blame someone else for your circumstances. Although another person or life situation may have put you at a disadvantage, only you are responsible for overcoming that obstacle. You are also the only one capable of doing so.

-You change your own aspirations to align with what you feel is expected of you, rather than pursuing your true passions.
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-You believe you are powerless to change. Anyone can improve their life with hard work.

-You settle for less than you know you deserve.

-You are working towards another person’s dreams and goals – be it a parent, a spouse, or an employer – at the expense of your own aspirations.

You, and only you, are in control of your thoughts, your time, your actions, and ultimately your future. You can change your life’s direction at a moment’s notice. It may take hard work and sacrifice, but anything is possible if you refuse to limit your capacity for achievement.

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