Labrador Befriends Young Child With Down Syndrome In Touching Video

Sometimes we come across videos that really touch our hearts and leave lasting impressions on us.

And this is definitely the case with this video. The loving encounter between a lovely Labrador named Himalaya, and Hernan, an adorable little boy who suffers from Down Syndrome has brought many people to tears worldwide.

Hernan’s mother, Ana explains that he is a very shy and reserved child who avoids any form of physical contact with humans.

On this beautiful day, Ana’s brother stopped by for a visit and brought his dog, Himalaya along with him.

Thankfully, the meeting between Hernan and Himalaya was recorded on video. And it is further proof that dogs have a great understanding of the vulnerability of small children and will often behave accordingly.

Take a look at their wonderful encounter in the video below:

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