Indian Village Ends Diwali Festival With Massive Cow Dung Battle

The little village of Gummatapura in India is known for its unusual way of ending the Diwali festival each year – a huge cow feces battle called “Gorehabba”.

And while that may seem like a tasteless joke, to Indian culture, cow dung plays an important role. Companies in the country even used it as an ingredient for beauty products, art, as well as radiation repelling devices. Some also believe it has the ability to fight COVID-19. So, throwing cow crap at each other is not a disgusting practice for people at all in Gorehabba.

The day of the event starts with the gathering of “battle gear” from farmers in the village.

The dung is then brought to a local temple where holy men perform a blessing ritual.

The blessed feces are then spread across an open space and half-naked men run in to start preparing their ammunition. The fight is merciless, and only the most resistant soldiers survive.


For the men who take part in the event, throwing and getting hit with balls of cow crap is both an enjoyable experience as well as a time for healing.

Many believe that even by touching the blessed feces, you can be cured of all illnesses, and skyrocket your chances of never falling ill.


For those who are curious to know how it all began, apparently, people believe that one of their deities, Beereshwara Swamy, was born in cow feces.

And this isn’t the only cow dung fight taking place every year in India! Villagers from the area of Kairuppala also take part in such an event which leaves many injured each year.

See the dung soldiers in action by clicking below.

Would you take part in this unusual festival? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve found it entertaining.

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