6 Ways You Can Improve the Way You Do Video Conferences

You have experience in making deals with video conferences, but you want to improve on it, and you don’t know how? Don’t worry because following we are giving you a few tips that you will find handy. These tips will change the way you do a video conference.

Invest in a High-Quality Camera

You can’t just establish rapport and believe in a personal business setting. You can improve your image via video conferences if you dress well and use a high-quality camera. Just position it at the right angle and improve your appearance. These measures do help to contribute to projecting a professional image and tone. This will help build trust.

Work on Setting a Mood

You can manage the video conference environment like an office within your workplace. A professional is never going to tolerate visitors in an office which is full of dirty laundry, dishes, toys, and other distracting items.

So, you better use a clean and uncluttered professional workspace to serve as the back setting. This will make it easy for others to see you and easily interact with you.

Mute the Mic

Mute the mic when you are silent.  Negotiating in speaking rotation is part of the deal. If you keep your microphone throughout the conversation, you will do more harm than good. Keeping the microphone on all the time will fill the room with distracting noise. So, please turn off your microphone when others are speaking.

If you don’t have much experience in a video conference, you might want to practice speaking in mike and muting so others can talk comfortably. When you mute the mike, it becomes intuitive as you won’t distract or interrupt others.

Visual Communication Tools

You need access to visual communication tools that have screen sharing and sketching functionality. Such tools should also let you share documents, files, and images. It helps to improve the conversation for a demonstration of work. Practice before attempting to incorporate these into a conference. This helps to make the process smooth.  

You can do all of these things with internet based video conferencing services with Roundee.


It’s bad etiquette to be on the phone or get busy in similar activities in face to face meeting. Therefore, it’s just as bad to do such things in a video conference. You have to avoid temptation.  Start with leaving your phone away from the space and give other participants 100 percent of your focus. If you are busy, you might lose track of when it’s your turn to speak and might embarrass yourself.  

Record for Later Viewing

You need to pick up on subtleties and record your conference so you can your team can review it for later. This is helpful as you can see which of the participants were focused during the conference and which were distracted by their phone or were talking to each other or the other party. Recording can help you review your behavior and help you improve on it.

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