If you Want Her, You Need To Claim Her

She is the inside-out beautiful woman who has captivated your body and mind, and maybe also your heart. 

You are drawn to her because she is kind, intelligent, and down-to-earth. She knows her worth but doesn’t boast about it. She has a strong moral compass and follows it strictly.

She’s not insecure, needy, or a bore to be with.

She is one of a kind and inspires you to make more of your life.

Just by being around you, she will make you realize that life is worth fighting for. She will push you to new heights and make you see the world for how beautiful it truly is.

But such a woman doesn’t wait for anybody.

She doesn’t play games. Your heart is in good hands with her, but she won’t wait for you to decide whether you’re ready to commit or not.

She won’t settle for anything less than true and unconditional love. Her life gives her meaning and she will expect you to add, not to take away from it. And in return, she will give you more than you’ve ever dreamed possible. But she won’t do that unless you too give her your 100%.

She knows that her heart is special and she will only offer its pure love to the one who has clearly stated his desire for everything that she is.

Her love is a treasure, and when she’s all in, she will make you understand the full meaning of the word. She will always be by your side, both in darkness and light.

But to reach that place of special love, first, you must claim her.

Be sure that if you have seen her worth, others have too… And while you may have caught her eye, you won’t have her until you’ve claimed her.

She won’t put her goods in a place she isn’t sure is safe enough. The high-value woman may have developed strong feelings for you and she may even be falling in love with you, but until you’ve made her your first choice, she will not fully invest herself in you. She will keep an open mind about another, more deserving of her love man entering her life even if the one she really wants is you because she knows that the man she ultimately wants in her life is one who is willing to take a stand for what he wants, and that includes her.

She is keeping her greatest love for someone with integrity, who can win her trust.

If you choose to fight for her, you will experience love like no other. 

Her rough spots will soften and you will bathe in the purest love there is. She will take you to places you never thought existed.

But before you get to this point, you need to claim her.

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