“I Don’t Like Showing Off And Bragging”: Dinner Lady Who Won £1.7m Lottery Jackpot Still Living Happily In Her Council House 18 Years Later

A woman who won £1.7 million on the National Lottery back in 2003 still lives in her old family council house and still works in a school as a dinner lady.

Despite her massive win, 51-year-old Trish Emson and her partner Graham Norton, 51, still live in their home in Rotherham, UK.

Rather than splashing her £1.7m ($2.3 million) on a fancy lifestyle, Ms. Emson has refused to let the money change her.


And the lottery cash was not even her biggest win…

A couple of weeks after she won the prize, Ms. Emson fell pregnant and eventually gave birth to her now 17-year-old boy, Benjamin, who is currently studying at a local comprehensive school.


In an interview with Mirror, the happy mother said:

“Being rich doesn’t make you posh or a better person. I don’t like showing off and bragging about money and I can’t be posh anyway.

To look at me you wouldn’t think I was a millionaire, but if I have to dress up I feel fake, I prefer my jeans.

We’ve been careful. I don’t buy flash cars, I’ve got a Kia and I still shop in Primark. The best thing we bought was the caravan in Cleethorpes. It’s a big un. Actually I’ve got two now.

I bought one for my family and friends, for when they come down.”


The lucky winner said she has been on a few holiday trips around Europe and also took her mother on a cruise.

She said that she would have given all the money back in return for becoming a mother and starting a loving family.


Ms. Emson also added that she and her partner were trying to have a child for nearly six years before she was finally able to get pregnant after her lottery win.


She said:

“I really believe it was thanks to winning the lottery that I did get pregnant. I had my mind on something else and it just happened.”

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