‘Human Satan’ claims the sinister made him turn into devil

Extreme body modification addict transforms himself into a “human satan.”

Michel Faro do Prado, from Brazil, is on a journey to transforming his entire body in a bid to look like a “human satan.”

As per Unilad, the 46-year-old tattoo artist, also known as Diabão Praddo on social media, has tattooed more than 80% of his body over the last five years, including his eyeballs and tongue. What’s more, he also has multiple piercings and several pairs of horns implanted on his head.

But wait, there is more… 

Prado also had his nose and ears filed down, and one of his fingers cut off, creating a “claw-like” hand.

According to Reuters, the tattoo artist began transitioning into the person he is today after a rough patch in his life. Following years spent on the streets, while also battling drug addiction, Prado began working “towards self-knowledge.”

However, he admits that turning into a human satan was not entirely his choice.

“Turning into the devil wasn’t something I planned, it was not my idea. The sinister attracted me.”

And that’s not all!

Carol, Prado’s wife, has also undergone body modification transformation, matching her husband’s lifestyle.

The unusual couple shares they have faced severe criticism over their way of living, but they have learned to block out the hate. The tattoo artist said:

“What I desire differs from society’s established patterns. I receive so much love, so much love that [the hate] has become so small.”

What do you think of Diabão Praddo’s appearance? Let us know in the comment section!

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