How Narcissists make their Victims stay despite the unbearable Emotional Pain

Have you heard the story of Narcissus?

He was a young, extremely handsome Greek hunter, known for his absolute love for everything beautiful, including himself. Does this personality type sound familiar? Perhaps it’s because Narcissus is the core origin of the term narcissism.

And unfortunately, we all know at least one narcissistic person, don’t we?

Undoubtedly, you deal with narcissists on a daily basis. They are everywhere around – at your workplace, in your family, and in your relationships. Their success and their fake confidence is constantly fooling you into believing they are truly admirable.

What’s worse, you might already be engaged with such a self-centered person in a deeper emotional and intimate relationship.

Was your partner the one who first approached you? Did they offer you their help in a moment when you were feeling vulnerable and helpless? Did they make you smile again when you needed it the most?

Chances are, that’s exactly what made you fall in love with them. They showered you with compliments and made you feel good about yourself at the beginning. Your partner was your best friend. The one who truly understands what you’re going through. The special someone who inspires you to overcome your fears. Until they became your most terrifying nightmare. Now everything is different.

Maybe when your partner first met you, you were feeling anxious and depressed. You were at your lowest. Sadly, that’s what attracted them to you. They saw your vulnerability and targeted you as their next victim. For you, it was the love that helped you get through the difficult times you were in. For them, it was their next quest to destroying someone’s reality just for fun. As if they were hunting, and you were the easiest prey.

Your authentic heart couldn’t see the evil in your partner’s eyes.

All you wanted was someone who would understand your pain and help you fight it. Even though they did help you then, now they’ve got you in a bigger, more chaotic mess. They made you believe you are the toxic one in your relationship. Meanwhile, they’re manipulating and gaslighting you all the time.

Furthermore, all the mind-games this narcissistic person is playing with you get deep in your head. You get used to the emotional abuse and the lies. You just let them do or say whatever they want, just to keep the peace in your relationship. What’s more, you’ve even started perceiving their lies as your reality. And even if you understand you are in the role of their scapegoat, you still allow them mistreat and disrespect you.

Although this emotional pain they’re causing you sometimes gets unbearable, you still stay.

You are too afraid to leave them because you have become too dependent on them. They made you cut all your friends and family off of your life, convincing you they were the toxic impact you need to get rid of. In reality, your partner was the one you should have cut off. Now, you feel like you’re going to be all alone and powerless if you dare to leave this narcissistic nightmare.

Narcissists are masters in fooling everyone around them. They surround themselves with people who are easy targets for their manipulative strategies. Their outstanding magnetism captivates everyone who glances at them. That’s why you feel like even if you try to talk to someone about this living hell you’re going through, no one would believe you.

So, you try to deal with this all by yourself. You try to change them. After everything they’ve done to you, you still believe there is good somewhere deep in their souls. But every attempt you make to influence them fails. Sadly, it often ends in them convincing you you are the egoistic one, the one who needs to change. Actually, the saddest part is you believe them.

But not everything is lost for you. There is still hope you can overpower the evil energy of this narcissist.

You just need to hit them in their most vulnerable spot – their self-esteem. Their biggest fear is to be neglected and ignored. They feed off the admiration they get from the people around them. Once this stops, they feel helpless. That’s their weakest spot.

Narcissists are nothing without the people who admire them. Even though they undermine every person they meet, without those fooled individuals, they are nothing but a sad, egoistic mess. If there’s no one to manipulate, their life becomes purposeless. That’s when they realize nothing in their life is real. And that’s when they understand they are their own biggest enemies.

But unfortunately, if it isn’t you, they will find another vulnerable victim.

Narcissists always find their ways into fooling someone.

And if it doesn’t work with you, it will work with someone else. These toxic people can prevail almost anything. Anything, except their own egos.

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