Hilarious Moment Sneaky Whale Shows Up Behind Sightseers As They Look The Wrong Way

Whale watchers nearly missed the sight of their lives as a giant whale surprisingly appeared behind their boat without them knowing. 

The location was San Ignacio Lagoon, in Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, and the group was pictured waiting with their cameras ready for action. However, they nearly missed the encounter of their lives by looking the wrong way while the humpback whale popped up behind them.

Thankfully, they turned around right on time to see the majestic beast, before it disappeared back into the darkness of the ocean.

Pictures taken from another boat show the sneaky creature poking its nose out from beneath the water as people look in the opposite direction, pointing their devices at the open sea ahead.

Image: Eric J Smith/Caters News Age

And right before the whale could dive back into the water, the group finally spotted it and managed to take some pictures.

Image: Eric J Smith/Caters News Age

One woman standing on the boat can be seen throwing her arms into the air in celebration, while some others watch in awe as they snap multiple photos.

Image: Eric J Smith/Caters News Age

The breathtaking experience was captured by director and photographer, Eric J Smith, 49, from LA.

Image: Eric J Smith/Caters News Age

Eric said:

“She slowly and silently stuck her head high above the water to look around. I was in another panga a few dozen feet away and caught the moment right before everyone realized she was so close.

“When everyone turned around, she quickly sank below the surface. Cheering and hysterical laughter ensued.

“Whale photography involves a lot of luck, but the key is to always be on alert and ready. On a whale watching voyage, it is easy to get complacent because there is a lot of waiting. It seems like the moment you let your guard down a spectacular breach occurs.”

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