Mountain climbers return to Mexico’s highest peak to rescue stray dog who followed them on trip

A Mexico hiking club went to the highest peak in the country to rescue a stray dog. 

A hiking crew in Mexico rescued a stray dog who spent a month in freezing-cold weather stranded atop the volcano in the southern state of Veracruz. The pooch, named Canelo, got stuck in Pico de Orizaba in October, after following a group of explorers through the trail.

Credits: Facebook

However, instead of following the hikers back down, the dog stood behind. As per Daily Mail, Canelo was somehow able to survive the cold and the snow. Meanwhile, many mountain-goers tried to lure him into leaving the peak, but to no avail. But they did not give up on rescuing the four-legged adventurer.

Pedro Ruiz Guerrero, together with animal shelter worker Fatima del Angel and Layo Aguilar, an experienced hiker, led a mission to save Canelo. They were joined by dozens of other climbers eager to find and rescue the helpless pooch.

On Sunday, November 21, the hikers reached the top of the volcano. Luckily, Canelo was right there, happy to meet his rescuers.

Credits: Facebook

In a Facebook post, Aguilar said:

“I caressed him and I felt that he responded to the language of a human.”

The experienced hiker then placed the dog in a large backpack and took him home with his two other dogs, Rocco and Pachito Botas. Unfortunately, Aguilar could not provide a home to a third canine, so he handed Canelo to del Angel. The animal shelter worker then placed the dog in the care of a local veterinarian so that he could be put up for adoption.

Credits: Facebook

Aguilar wrote:

“I never imagined how a puppy in three days loves you so much, to the point that I would not let the terrible Rocco get close to me. I felt ugly when I said goodbye to him, when I put him on the transporter he got sad and angry, but it is for his good and I could not and should not keep him.”

Credits: Facebook

Thankfully, Canelo’s freezing-cold days are now over. Hopefully, he would soon meet his new loving owners who would invite him to his forever home.

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