High Cuisine: 4 Edible Ideas You Didn’t Know You Craved

The world of marijuana edibles was once confined to half-cooked brownies and crumbly cookies, but the weed revolution has changed all of that for the better.

These days there are 5-star dining experiences and tasting tours that revolve entirely around the most ingenious combinations of pot and food, demonstrating just how far our palates have developed when it comes to cannabis cookery. If you’re looking for some next-level edible recipes that are a cut above your old-school brownie recipe, read on to find out the ideas you didn’t know you needed for your kitchen.

1. Weed-Infused Lobster Curry

Let’s start things off with a bang with this seriously dope and decadent lobster curry recipe from Vice. This psychedelic spin on a classic Jamaican dish involves cooking about half a kilo of lobster in coconut milk and creating a broth for the whole thing to sit in. While the lobster is cooking on a skillet, simply create your broth with curry powder, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, and of course, two tablespoons of cannabis-infused coconut oil. Edibles never felt so classy.

2. Weed Cappuccino

This is the recipe for those looking for more than just a caffeine buzz. The best thing about making cannabis coffee is that you can use old buds that are left over when you smoke marijuana, meaning you can save some time, money, and green. All you need to do is add a spoonful of infused butter or oil into a cup of black coffee and blend it until it gets frothy. The result is a truly solid way to start your day.

3. Cannabis Pasta

Sure, we’re all aware of our munchies-induced cravings for the sweet stuff like Oreos and Milk Duds, but what about the ultimate comfort food, pasta? There are many different ways to incorporate cannabis into a delicious bowl of pasta, from the complex to the simple. If you’re feeling lazy, you can make a tasty cacio e pepe in less than five minutes by boiling pasta and melting cannabutter, parmesan, black pepper, and garlic together in a pan. Simply stir the pasta into the mixture when ready, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate comfort dish.

4. Cannabutter Ribeye

If you’re looking to host a BBQ to remember, you can steal the show with some weed-unfused ribeye steak. This one takes a little bit more time to prep, so make sure to get started a day in advance. You’ll want to rub your steaks with salt and pepper before leaving them in the fridge overnight for at least 10 hours (uncooked). While cooking it the next day, prepare a weed-infused chimichurri sauce by mixing together the usual ingredients and heating it with some cannabutter. This result is a sauce that will truly make you appreciate every mouthful of steak.

With these knockout recipes, you’ll be the life of every social gathering. Remember to also keep ahold of those used weed buds, as they are the prime ingredient for high-quality cannabutter.

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