He’s 103, She’s 100, And They Just Celebrated Their 82nd Anniversary

103-year-old D.W. Williams, and his wife Willie, 100, celebrated a mindblowing 82 years of marriage together on their birthdays, which are only 7 days apart.

The marvelous event was commemorated with a big celebration at First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The couple’s grandchild, Williams-Greene, said that

“to see them at this age and still doing well; it’s just a blessing to have them here.’ She added that they’re each other’s ‘best friend.”

Willie and D.W. recalled their years as youths when taxi rides cost only 10 cents.

Willie and D.W. Williams have a lot of life and a lot of love between them.D.W., 103, and his wife Willie, 100,…

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And while many things have certainly changed in almost a century of marriage, their love for each other is now stronger than ever. 

It has been through the Great Depression, WW2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and 9/11. They both feel incredibly lucky to still have each other after all these difficult time periods.

When Willie and D.W. were asked to reveal their secret to a long-lasting marriage, they simply said it’s being “kind to each other.”

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM A COUPLE MARRIED 82 YEARS… “The secret to a long marriage is just be nice to each other.” …

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When the party was thrown, the local media quickly found out about the story.

The whole family tree was invited to the celebration. 

As per granddaughter Williams-Greene, their grandmother and grandfather are a living inspiration for life-long loving relationships.

She continued saying that their marriage worked so well because of “communication and loving each other and working together.”

Community members, as well as public figures, took a liking to their loving story and since their latest anniversary, the couple has received numerous heartwarming comments after the story of their marriage achievement was reported by a number of media outlets.

One Facebook user said:

“God bless them! We need more inspirational stories like this.”

Another said:

“Happy anniversary to an amazing couple. May you be an inspiration to other couples out there.”

While a third person commented:

“That means she married him at 18 years old. Amazing that they have such a blessed marriage!”

D.W. & Willie Williams, who are 103 & 100 years old respectively, have recently celebrated their wedding anniversary &…

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At the time of their marriage, Willie was just 18, while D.W. was about 21.

They have spent most of their lives side by side, and have gone through everything together.

We can only imagine the incredible experiences they had!

Their relationship is founded on kindness and mutual respect and has blessed them with a loving family that cherishes and supports them.

We can maybe all learn from D.W. and Willie on how to love and be kind in order to receive the rewards of a wonderful life with family and friends.

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Source: MSN

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