Gorgeous Burgundy Hair Colour Ideas for 2019

Fresh and Modern Burgundy Hair Colour Ideas


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We are currently witnessing the resurgence of burgundy hair colour. The hair shade closed linked with the 1990s trend is getting a great update, professional colourists and DIY-ers experts have discovered new and creative ways to rock this bold and cool colour of red, whether it is cranberry, mulled wine or red velvet.

Burgundy hair colour is different from red colour since it is a blend of violet and red. It is the violet tone that makes it appeal cool-toned compared to the typical red. And while burgundy hair shade may mean only dark hues of cool reds, there are so many bright, but not so deep shades, and also subtly warmer versions of this flattering colour-truly something for every daring lady.

1. Sangria.

This appears specifically great on ladies with cool and fair complexions. It is a bold, burgundy hair hue that gives you a sophisticated feel.

2. Cranberry.

Regardless of how suitable burgundy is to fair and cool complexions, it is a fantastic hair colour on all skin tones. Even though it can deviate a little autumnal, this variation of burgundy is an all-year-round stunner.

3. Swirling Colours.

There are endless ways you can rock burgundy hair. One of the creative ways is to wear several variations, all at once. The swirling colours are one of the most innovative and vibrant ways to wear at the crown. It includes warmer colours of auburn connecting the transition to the roots.

4. Subtle Ombre.

When beginning with very dark manes, you should tell your colourist to colour some strands lighter, even if you are choosing a soft ombre. It is okay to incorporate some light highlights and gloss them over using burgundy gloss if you don’t need it to be high maintenance. However, you will need to go for regular gloss though this is not necessary if you choose red colours such as burgundy.

5. High Contrast Highlights.

This employs the same rules that require that you lighten the hair before colouring it with darker colours, especially if you are planning to colour it super bright burgundy hair. However, you can as well choose semi-permanent dye rather than a gloss if you want to get a significant and long-lasting change. You can refresh your hair colour whenever you want in the future.

6. Did-Dyed.

This characterised by high contrast highlights and light ombre tresses that is ridiculously badass. All you need is to get the last inches of your hair length and dye them with hair colour to make them stand out from the rest. This is a true power clash you don’t want to miss.

7. Tinted Curls.

This hairstyle, which is popularly rocked by Lupita Nyong’o is true proof that you don’t need to brighten your dark manes to make an impact. This colour is easy to accomplish with semi-permanent dye mixed with peroxide.

8. Mulled Wine.

Where there is burgundy, know the mulled wine colour is not far away, especially when it comes to hair colouring. This is a true signature hair colour that can make you stand out from the crowd. The colour appears super dimensional, and it is an excellent way to rock deep, red shades.

9. Burgundy Hair Brunette.

All you need to achieve this hair colour is checking on your extent of hair colouring. It looks more like a copper brunette. Just try and maintain the colouring pretty warm, and you will have a hair colour that is ideal for both informal and formal occasions.

10. Aubergine.

Just like burgundy hair that deviates more to warm and coppery, aubergine also does so. It is an excellent hair colour to choose, especially for ladies with long curls. It is bold, yet completely wearable, and you can rock it several days without any need of lightning.

11. Faded Burgundy.

Burgundy hair colour is not the best colour I would recommend for ladies with light hair. It appears too dark, and when it comes to maintenance, you will wish to wash it away. However, I would recommend champagne-pink-toned blonde for any lady with fine hair and wants to stay on the cooler spectrum of the red. It gives you a cool effect that is easy to achieve and to maintain.

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