Join People Going Into ISIS Controlled Territory In Syria TODAY In A Global Peace Meditation

Join People Going Into ISIS Controlled Territory In Syria TODAY In A Global Peace Meditation

It has only just been revealed that James Twyman the Peace Troubadour has been called to participate in peace dealings in Syria. This isn’t the first time he has been called to do so. It has been his life’s work for over 20 years; he has sponsored prayer vigils and even played in Iraq in 1998, when asked by Saddam Hussain to do a peace concert with over a million people.
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As a musician who plays concerts and meditates for peace, sees the immense value in people coming together in a harmonized way for peaceful outcomes.

This particular mission feels especially important to him right now because of the very tangible fear people have surrounding terrorism and ISIS. It all started when he was contacted by a group based out of Jerusalem called the Abrahamic Reunion. They represent leaders from Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Together on February 1st 2016, they will be going to a Syrian village on the border of Israel which overlooks three villages under ISIS control.

They are coming together to show solidarity and make a statement against extremism is all religions. They will be singing prayers/hymns from each religion at the exact moment millions around the world will be in meditation.

They are not looking to make connections with anyone in ISIS, nor is James walking into a village with a guitar on his back. He does not have a death wish nor is he looking to be a martyr. The idea is to get as close as possible while being as safe as possible. There is definitely a degree of risk involved, but the group would really like to demonstrate the power of synchronised meditation and give others around the world a chance to join in on a peaceful action. They feel taking this risk will make more of a forceful statement than if they were to organise somewhere in North America or Europe.

There is scientific proof as to the power of collective thought and intention.

In 1984 a study took place at three different gatherings of over 7000 people who did meditation each morning and evening for three consecutive weeks.The results were quite eye-opening. ‘Time series’ analysis was used in this study to rule out possibilities that the reduction in global terrorism was caused by pre-existing trends, drifts in data or cycles.

Some Scientists believe this is due to a coherent resonance being created in the Unified Quantum Field by those meditating. The 7,000 people meditating created a Field Effect of harmonious coherence that spread throughout the collective–which, it is believed, helped to reduce acts of terrorism.
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This effect is called the  “Maharishi Effect”, and has over 600 scientific studies conducted in 33 countries and in over 250 independent research institutions. The evidence overwhelmingly correlates synchronised group prayer and meditation having social, political and economic benefits to the world. Positive correlations for numerous health benefits to the individual were also observed and confirmed.

Time of the Synchronized Meditation:
EUROPE – 4 PM (16 hours) CET
It will be sundown in The Middle East, and as the sun dips beneath the horizon we will imagine the end of the violence and the beginning of an era of peace. This is likely the largest synchronized vigil in history.

You can join millions of other people in this powerful moment on February 1st at Bringing in feelings of peace to yourself for ten minutes or more and then releasing or extending those feelings out to the rest of the world is really all you have to do. Let’s see what happens!

Below is a video showing explaining their call to peace.

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