Futuristic, organic vertical farm is being built in the city of Compton

A farm from the future: A futuristic vertical farm is sprouting up in the city of Compton.

  • A modern farm is being constructed in the heart of Compton. 
  • The vertical garden will create “the perfect environment” for plants and take up to 99% less space than a regular farm. 
  • Owners hope they would be able to deliver fresh produce to restaurants in the Southern California area. 
Credits: Plenty

Artificial intelligence robots, LED lights, and technology from the future are not unusual for this innovative Compton farm. The organic produce company Plenty is in the middle of constructing a huge vertical hydroponic garden in a 95,000-square-foot warehouse in the heart of the Hub City.

As Upworthy notes, when the development of the futuristic farm is finished, it will look like an extraterrestrial greenhouse straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Plenty says their indoor farms will create “the perfect environment for plants.” 

Credits: Plenty

The organization claims that their modern gardens will be perfect, as the “unpredictability of changing climates” will be reduced to a minimum. What’s more, they promise there will be neither bleach nor pesticides in the plants they produce. They add:

“No GMOs. Just pure food that tastes like nature intended.”

The vertical farms will use “up to 99%” less land than a traditional farm. 

In an interview with ABC, Dr. Nate Storey, Plenty’s co-founder, explained:

“From day one, it’s perfectly controlled…We don’t use pesticides, there’s no birds flying over our field pooping on the produce, there’s nothing to wash off, it’s usually not touched by human hands ever, and so we have a safe, clean product that is ready to eat right out of the package.”

Credits: Plenty

The very first crops the farm will produce will include kale, fennel, bok choy, and arugula. They will become part of the innovative garden’s first harvest in 2022.

According to Compton mayor Aja Brown, the vertical farm’s purpose perfectly fits his city’s goals. He said:

“To have a vertical farm that has the ability to produce organic fresh fruits and vegetables with little space and a little bit of water is just incredible, and I believe their mission to combat food insecurities is right in line with our vision that we have for Compton.”

Credits: Plenty

Plenty already has over 400 Southern California grocery stores signed up to receive their fresh produce. Apart from the city of Compton, the company has farms in the Bay Area, Washington, and Wyoming. They hope they would be able to deliver their green goods to local restaurants as well.

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