Footage Shows Unusual Things In Japan Including Cat Islands And Haunted Apartments

Many people say that being in Japan is like being on another planet, and this footage is proof of it.

Being famous for its brilliant use of technology, the Japanese also pride themselves on their driverless trains.

The self-driving trains can be seen in one of three now-viral videos shared by @japanontiktok, and passengers relaxing as the train drives towards its destination.

The footage also shows a restaurant with no employees, as orders can be made through a machine by card. How the food is delivered to the customer is unclear, however.


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♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

The country also has robots designed for garden creation, and these gardens are a crucial part of the culture as they provide monks with a dedicated area for meditating on the teachings of Buddha.

Japan also has an island specially dedicated to cats and, as can be seen in the footage, these cats are being treated quite well.

There are also apartments for rent that are advertised as being haunted and offer very cheap prices.


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♬ 夜に駆ける – YOASOBI

People in the comments have said that they find the country simply amazing.

One person who tagged their friend said:

“Here for the cat island and could watch the robots all day, but let’s skip the haunted houses.”

Another commenter wrote:

“America claims to be such a powerful and intelligent country […] What a joke America is… look at Japan bruh, they’re way ahead of us.”


Which one surprised you the most⁉️ #japan #japantiktok #japanlife #fypシ #viraltiktok

♬ Cherrybonbon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Other people said that Japan is far far more developed than the rest of the world, while others said it was the perfect place for an unusual vacation.

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