Female Paramedics Face Backlash After Sharing TikTok Video That Shows Them Twerking In Ambulance

Yorkshire, United Kingdom: Two female paramedics are facing serious backlash for sharing a video of themselves twerking in the back of an ambulance.

The video was shared on TikTok by paramedic Rhianna Higgins, who, along with her colleague did a choreographed dirty dance while in uniform during their break time, according to The Sun.

The two can be seen dancing and twerking in synch to a version of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as they grin for the camera in the emergency vehicle.

Image: TikTok

“Little boogie on a break,” Rhianna wrote in the post, which has been seen more than 270,000 times and received more than 600 comments – many by people who criticized them for their lack of professionalism.


Little boogie on break 🕺💃 #fyp #foryoupage #999 #crew #crewbies #emergency #uniform #dance

♬ original sound – jjustindanehower

One person commented:

“Now I know why my man didn’t make it.”

Another person asked:

“Shouldn’t you be saving lives?” 

Angered by the video, a third wrote:

“This is why ambulances take so long to respond.”

Yet another said:

“Under pressure?? don’t think so.”

Rhianna Higgins. Image: rhiannahiggins0/TikTok

One person even reported the video to the National Health Service.

In response to the negative comments Rhianna wrote:

“Why feel the need to comment and report hun, if you’re not keen just keep scrolling.”


♬ Oh Nanana – Bonde R300

Rhianna, who has reportedly been working for the NHS for nearly two years, also shared other clips, one of which features her dancing in front of an ambulance.


♬ Oh Nanana – Bonde R300

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