Father Reunites With Son Kidnapped As A Baby 24 Years Ago

A loving father who spent a decade and a half trying to find his abducted son in China was finally reunited with him. 

Guo Gangtang’s child, Guo Xinzhen – now 26-years-old – was kidnapped outside his house in 1997. He was then sold to human traffickers who sold him to someone else.

Gangtang, 51, never lost hope and traveled more than 300,000 miles (480,000 km) with his motorcycle in search of his long-lost boy. During the journey, he broke bones in traffic accidents and was even attacked by highway thieves.

Image: Weibo

But when authorities tracked down Xinzhen and made a DNA test to make sure he was Gangtang’s child, he was reunited with his family, according to the BBC.

Xinzezhen’s mother said:

“My baby, you came back!

Image: Weibo

Gangtang told the media:

“Now that the child has been found, everything can only be happy from now on. Today is very important for me. My kid has been found. The future is full of happiness. God treats us kindly.”

Guo Xinzhen (center) reunites with his family in Liaocheng, China, on July 11. Image: CNN

Child trafficking has been troubling China for decades.

According to a 2015 report, around 20,000 children were kidnapped every year in China. Many of the children are sold in the country as well as abroad.

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