Father Of Quadruplets Accused Of Stealing £90,000 From Boss To Help Care For His Children Is Spared Jail

A desperate father who stole £90,000 from his boss claiming he needed the money to care for his quadruplets, has been spared prison time. 

Matthew Davies, 35, secretly sold second-hand vehicles and kept the money as he was a having a hard time covering his children’s £800 food, clothing and maintenance needs which at one point included 20 nappies and 24 bottles of milk daily.

The desperate dad and his wife who already had two kids from previous relationships were also in heavy debt despite Matthew’s up to £77,000 yearly earnings.

Matthew Davies. Image: Cavendish Press

The father of five who is employed by Dace Motor Group Ltd in Manchester, UK, as a sales manager crafted fake documents to hide his back-door dealings.

At one point he even recorded fake vehicles onto the company’s stock list to make it seem as if there were no missing cars.

Matthew Davies and his wife. Image: Cavendish Press

Eventually, he was caught after an audit was carried out due to a discrepancy and lost his job as a consequence.

In a court hearing, Davies admitted to committing the crime but his 10-month prison sentence was suspended for 18 months after his lawyer, Rick Holland, laid out the following, as per Daily Mail:

“This defendant has never been in trouble previously.

“He worked for the company for a very considerable period of time. He rose from the role of valeting cars to the role of a senior manager.

“He was therefore in a position where he was in contact with records. He was in a position of trust as an employee and he had access to the records. Although there was a level of sophistication to the offending, it also is the case that the defendant was going to face the music. It was only a question of when that was.

“He and his wife have six children, two 13-year old’s each from separate partners, and six years ago, they had quadruplets.

“His household had six young children and perhaps that got the better of him. He hasn’t used the money in the way we do encounter – taking holidays abroad in a sort of lavish lifestyle. It seems as if it was to simply make ends meet.”

Matthew Davies and his wife. Image: Cavendish Press

The father was accused of costing his employer £90,000 but insisted he had only stolen £30,000. Davies has since repaid £23,000.

He was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and pay a total of £9,750 in compensation.

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