Father Misses His Daughter’s Wedding Because He Wanted To Walk His Stepdaughter Down The Aisle. Now, His Daughter Won’t Talk To Him

A father disappointed his daughter after he skipped the bigger part of her wedding because he had chosen to go to his stepdaughter’s wedding instead. 

The father, who goes by the Reddit handle OddRip2252, shared his experience on r/AITA, explaining that he did everything he could to be there for both of them. His stepdaughter sent out a save-the-date for her big day, and then his daughter did the same a week later.

The issue, however, is that they both coincided on the same weekend, with the stepdaughter’s wedding happening the day before the daughters. Also, both requested their father walk them down the aisle.

The weddings were a 13-drive-hour apart but the father thought he could make it for both. Unfortunately, he ended up getting lost and wasted a lot of time in traffic.

The saddened father eventually decided to ask Redditers whether they believe he was the ***hole” in the situation or not.

And, in no time, the story went viral, after which, the father decided to address some key issues.

“Yes, I didn’t know about dates until my stepdaughter announced hers,” he said. “My daughter was invited to stepdaughter’s wedding but obviously she couldn’t attend.”

“Now I am regretting not leaving earlier. But my close friend’s wife who helped plan my stepdaughter’s wedding told me it’s extremely rude for the father of the bride to leave early. It was a mistake listening to her,” the father explained.

Regarding the traffic situation, he said:

“I just didn’t expect to get lost and for traffic to be worse than normal.”

Some people asked why he didn’t consider hopping on a plane, since money did not seem to be a problem.

“A flight would’ve taken longer because of the drive to and from the airport,” the father explained.

Most of the people thought the man’s handling of the situation was idiotic. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read.

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