Far-right activist gathers 80,000 Christian men to fight against LGBTQ Americans

The leader of the Promise Keepers plans to fight against the American LGBTQ community.

Ken Harrison, leader of the all-male religious movement Promise Keepers, plans a massive rail against LGBTQ Americans, Second Nexux reports.

In a recent interview with former Trump administration official Steve Bannon, Harrison insisted that the LGBTQ community is “destroying the identity of the American people.” The CEO of the Christian organization stated:

“You think about how quickly we went from homosexual marriage to, now, men putting on dresses and being called women and playing on women’s basketball teams, and where are the Christian men? So what we need to do is call men back and remind us of who we are in Christ.”

Harrison announced he is gathering 80,000 men at the Dallas Cowboys stadium to protest against LGBTQ Americans.

The Promise Keepers leader said:

“We’re getting 80,000 guys together at Dallas Cowboys stadium on July 16 and 17, and this is gonna be a big deal because … this is gonna be the first major gathering in the world, and that gathering is gonna be Christian men getting ready to worship Jesus Christ. Think about the world right now as wondering, ‘What happened to America? Where are Americans?’ And when they tune in, this’ll be a global news story.”

Social media users slammed the far-right activist for organizing such a hatred-infused event.

One netizen wrote:

“Why is it so hard for these people to let others live the life they choose? Why is someone else’s life choices such a threat to them? I just don’t get it.”

Another added:

“80 thousand Christian men getting ready to … worship Christ, almost sounded like he wanted to say go to war.”

What’s more, many questioned whether the Dallas Cowboys are aware of the mass convention and actually approve of its mission.

Others joked that at a gathering including 80,000 men, at least a few thousand of them would be gay, regardless of their religious or biased beliefs.

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