Family shocked to find out their ‘Siberian Husky pup’ is actually a fox when it starts killing chickens

A family found out their beloved pupper they thought was a Siberian Husky was actually a fox. 

A family from Peru had no idea they were about to adopt an actual wild fox when they were getting a puppy. They were fooled by a command breeder in Lima who convinced them it was a Siberian Husky, Daily Mail reports.

The family found out they had made a mistake once their pet began terrorizing their otherwise quiet neighborhood.

Credits: Newsflash

Perhaps the first wrong move was letting their young boy choose his new pet by himself. The command breeder took advantage of the situation and sold him the fox for around 52 Peruvian soles($13).

Maribel Sotero, the boy’s mother, commented:

“We had thought he was a purebred puppy.”

Believing it was a Husky, the boy raised his pet as he would raise a puppy. However, as the animal was growing, it became disturbingly aggressive to family members. The boy’s father soon realized it was not a Siberian Husky, but a wild fox.

On the night of May 24, during a severe storm, the fox named Run Run escaped from the family’s home. It has been roaming around the neighborhood ever since. 

What’s even worse, the animal has been feasting on the neighbors’ chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs, following its survival instincts.

Maribel explained:

“Sometimes, it eats four or five guinea pigs and I have to pay for them.”

Meanwhile, neighbors were also furious about the strong smell of feces left by the fox near their homes. Speaking to a local media, one said:

“I have already spoken with the owner and she seems desperate. We need help, it needs to be captured and taken to the wild.”

Unfortunately, even authorities have found it beyond challenging to capture the animal and release it to its natural habitat. 

Credits: Newsflash

Walter Silva, a wildlife specialist at National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), noted that there is currently a serious issue with animal traffickers. The expert said:

“Trafficking in wildlife brings these consequences. Many specimens are captured from hatchlings. For this, they kill the parents and these juveniles are illegally traded in informal markets. In this case, a fox was bought as a domestic dog.”

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