Extreme Cruelty: Around 12,000 Lions Are Being Farmed In Captivity To Be Hunted And Killed By Tourists

Shocking discoveries have been made by philanthropist and businessman Lord Ashcroft regarding the tourism industry in South Africa. 

In his book as well as through his documentaries Ashcroft has detailed how 12,000 lions are being bred in Africa with the aim of tourists using them as shooting targets.

According to Lad Bible, in his book: Unfair Game: An Expose Of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Industry, Ashcroft exposed how lions are being bred only to be killed either for trophy hunting or for bone trade.

The Daily Mail has made available parts of the book where the philanthropist has detailed how the abuse of captive-bred big cats in South Africa has become its own industry.

“Thousands of lions are bred on farms every year; they are torn away from their mothers when they are just days old, used as pawns in the tourist sector and then either killed in a ‘hunt’ or simply slaughtered for their bones and other body parts, which are very valuable in Asia’s so-called medicine market. In between, they are poorly fed, kept in cramped and unhygienic conditions, beaten if they do not perform for paying customers, and drugged,” he writes in the book.

The book goes on saying:

“This sinister system has sprouted up in plain sight in South Africa, inflicting misery on this most noble of beasts on an unimaginable scale.”

You can see Lord Ashcroft’s documentaries on the issue by following the links.


Part 1

Part 2

What are your thoughts on this barbaric practice? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article to spread awareness on the this case. 

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