Everybody wants a strong, independent woman until they feel threatened by her

A strong, independent woman is self-sufficient.

This type of woman knows exactly who she is, what she wants in life, and how she is going to get it. She is not afraid of taking risks and she enjoys challenging herself. When and if she faces failure, she does not give up. Instead, she gets up and fights until she succeeds. Such a woman does not need to be taken care of as she is self-sufficient and independent. She knows that she is the only one responsible for her happiness; so, she does all she can to secure the life she wants.

The people she loves mean the world to her.

While she seldom (if ever) needs someone to take care of her, she is always taking care of the ones she loves. Moreover, without even realizing it, she inspires them daily as she shows them what strength and independence mean. Unsurprisingly, such a woman is extremely selective when it comes to her romantic partner. That is, she knows that she needs someone who is just as strong as her.

While many claim they want a strong and independent woman, they often prove incapable of loving her.

At the beginning of the relationship, her partner will be in awe of her. They’ll find themselves wondering how on earth she manages to do all that she does. Although they will initially feel infatuated by her confidence and independence, they will soon begin to feel intimidated by it. Suddenly, her strength will not be something they admire. Instead, it will be a constant reminder of their own weakness. Rather than being inspired by the woman they claimed to love, they will begin to compete with her. However, an independent woman does not take part in childish games and immature relationships. Even though it may hurt, she will walk away with no regrets. After all, she knows her happiness is always in her own hands.

Everybody loves a woman’s independence until it threatens their ego.

— Malanda

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